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Melodica Electronica

Li Yang a k a BEATREKER is a DJ/Producer based in Melbourne|Shanghai. Hailing from Shanghai but spending lots of time in Melbourne has created a unique and diverse skillset A skillset that allows him to unpack and re fuse elements of Future Rave, Rave Room and Trance into bona fide club anthems with hyper energetic drops and hard hitting kicks. Beatreker has spent lots of time around different scenes, allowing him to
take his favourite parts of many different sounds to create a formula that works for him.

The promising starlet has been impressing as of late, a solid run of a debut under Interplay Global and four consecutive releases on Smash The House airwaves has catapulted Beatreker into the circles which will be imperative to his growth.

Beatreker has his own sound, which is dark and progressive but simultaneously energetic and dancefloor worthy This unique sound is one to keep an eye on for the future for sure!

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